Our fundraising program overview

How Green Benefits Fundraisng Works

 How Green Benefits Fundraising Works Raising money with Green Benefits is fun and easy!

Our team of professionals is ready to help you plan and implement your next fundraiser.

Call us today at 1-877-476-2363 or email us to get started.

Options (all details below):

  • Direct Selling
  • Catalog Fundraising
  • Web Campaigns
  • Non-Traditional Fundraisers

Fundraising Steps – How to Start Your Green Fundraiser

Let the team at Green Benefits help you organize your next fundraiser.  Follow the simple steps below you will be on your way to raising valuable funds for your group while helping preserve our environment for future generations.

  1. Choose the fundraising program that most interests you!  People are tired of doing the same fundraiser year after year.
  2. Contact a Green Benefits Coordinator to assist you with the planning and marketing for your fundraiser.
  3. Finally, you run the fundraiser and earn money for your group and educate your community.  Everyone wins!

Fundraisng Programs – Which One Is For You!

Green Benefits is continually searching for the most innovative products and programs to help your raise funds while raising environmental awareness.  Our programs range from traditional catalog sales to organized school and community awareness events.

Direct Selling (most popular)

This type of green fundraising method allows you to purchase our green products in bulk and re-sell at your event or on your website.  Groups who choose this method are able to purchase from the entire collection of Green Benefits products.

Catalog Fundraiser

Catalog fundraising is a profitable, easy and risk free way for any school or group to raise money by offering our environmentally friendly products from color catalogs to family, friends, neighbors and business associates.  Our catalogs are colorful, feature product pictures and educational messaging making your role of fundraising easy.

Green Benefits will provide your group free of charge catalogs and order forms and together we will set time period for your green fundraiser.  During time your group has the potential to earn up to 55% of all money raised.  Once we receive all of your orders, Green Benefits will send you the in person orders for your to distribute to your constituents.

Online Web Fundraiser

This type of exciting green fundraising method provides your group with a free personalized group website and product store where you and your groups fundraising organizers can invite your friends and family to shop.  Our ecommerce engine is designed  to reduce the amount of paper and time necessary to implement your fundraiser.

Non-Traditional Fundraiser

Many communities are tired of fundraisers which require children to sell products or consume hundreds of organizational hours to implement (auctions for example).  Green Benefits is excited to offer a growing list of non-traditional fundraising opportunities.  To learn more check out our list of fundraising programs or contact a Green Benefits team member today.