Product Key

Symbols and Explanations

At Green Benefits our goal is to source high quality eco-conscious products.  Our products are carefully screened to meet environmental and socially responsible standards.  We offer products made from a wide variety of materials from recycled plastic water bottles to renewable resources such as bamboo, and everything in between.  The guide below offers a detailed explanation of our “seals of approval” that are associated with each product in our site.

Green Benefits seal of approval.  These products send a positive message, promote reduction, and meet our high social and environmental standards.  All products that have the Green Benefits seal of approval have been screened using the Green Benefits Supplier Code of Conduct.
  Bio-Plastic – this symbol is used to designate and identify plastic-like products that are created using biomass sources, such as vegetable oil, corn starch, pea starch or microbia, rather than fossil fuel plastic that is a derived from petroleum.  To learn more visit Wikipedia.
  BPA Free Materials – These products are free of the harmful material bisphenol A.  To learn more about BPA read our blog article, “BPA – bisphenol A – Should you care?”
  Carbon Neutral Product – Green Benefits ships all of our products as carbon neutral, however products designated with this symbol are carbon neutral through the entire production process.  From beginning to end.  This would be a true 100% carbon captured product.
  Fair Trade Certified Products – these products are certified fair trade by the any of the three main Fair Trade Association organizations.  Our ‘FT’ symbol designates that the products are certified by:  TransFair USA, Fair Trade Federation or the World Fair Trade Organization.   These organizations ensure that economic,
social and environmental criteria were met in the production and trade of respective product.  TransFair USA licenses companies to display the Fair
Trade Certified label on products that meet strict international Fair Trade
standards.  To learn more about each organization, visit  For additional information please see:  the Fair Trade Federation (  and the World Fair Trade Organization (
  Natural Fiber materials –  Green Benefits designates products that are made from sustainably produced natural fibers, like:  bamboo, hemp, organic cotton and other materials.
  100%  Organic materials used.  Organic certification is a broad and evolving standard, with several certification boards.  Green Benefits uses this symbol to designate any product that is certified organic by one of the many standards boards.  We believe that products that are produced to meet a designated standard that ensures that a product is made free from pesticides and limits use of artificial materials should be embraced and promoted.  To learn more visit this link.
  Recycled material – for Green Benefits to designate a product as recycled it must be made from no less than 40% post consumer recycled materials.
  Made in the USA or domestically produced products in the United States. There are many designations, for more information click here.  Green Benefits sets an open standard that broadly implies that the product, raw materials, assembly and final production are all originated and completed locally in the United States of America.